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  • The_Answer Is
    The_Answer Is  2 months back

    _"Do you want a clean kill or do you want to send a message?"_
    -- James Bond to M, Casino Royale (2006)

      THE ZOOKEEPER  2 months back


      • The_Answer Is
        The_Answer Is  1 months back

        Read the Bond book *Carte Blanche* by Jeffery Deaver (it's an official Bond book). During a gun fight, he is always reminding himself to count the rounds. So after each shot he's counting down, "Four. Four left. Four." They should make Carte Blanche a movie.

    • YouthFreedomFighters
      YouthFreedomFighters  3 months back

      In real life it would be much much louder even with a silencer.

      • PygmalionFaciebat
        PygmalionFaciebat  2 months back

        @YouthFreedomFighters I'm far from being an expert... but i think i saw footages of real silencers, which seemed to be even more quiet, than the silencer in this video. But maybe i am wrong.

      • YouthFreedomFighters
        YouthFreedomFighters  2 months back

        @Dan The problem is people get the wrong idea of "silencers." They know all they know from movies such as this.

      • Dan
        Dan  2 months back

        Ok for a old movie though

    • magnvm100
      magnvm100  4 months back

      James Bond is Death. Was killed by the new writers, Not criatives. I'm sure that it will be the last one I watch.

      • imnotcreative 22
        imnotcreative 22  1 years back

        Bond James Bond.

        • JELH
          JELH  2 years back

          In the books, James Bond is a cold ruthless thug who would not hesitate in leaving a woman behind if he felt she was slowing him down.

          • kasra khatir
            kasra khatir  2 years back

            It should've been a revolver

            • starship trooper
              starship trooper  2 years back

              Always loved the line, even though it made no sense since it was not a revolver. S&W did not have a acp at that time

              • KugleeKuglee
                KugleeKuglee  2 months back

                @chrismc410 ba dum tss....

              • chrismc410
                chrismc410  1 years back

                S&W did have a semi-automatic pistol out at the time: the S&W Model 39 in 9mm Parabellum, introduced in 1955. Dr. No, the novel was out in 1958 and the movie was out in 1962.

              • starship trooper
                starship trooper  2 years back

                WH250398 funny all mistakes you can pick up

              • WH250398
                WH250398  2 years back

                starship trooper
                Yeah it makes no sense. They also lost the ppk during production so they had to replace it with a pp. And for the pp they had no silencer, so they had to use a FN for this scene. Gun accuracy be damned lol

            • BlueFox94
              BlueFox94  2 years back

              *Such an early example of a cold kill by 007.*

              • Việt Anh Nguyễn
                Việt Anh Nguyễn  2 months back


              • Luvie1980
                Luvie1980  2 years back

                BlueFox94 yes...only to be seen again in the opening of casino royale with Daniel Craig

            • Charles Rat
              Charles Rat  2 years back

              You've had your 007.