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  • Officer George Ishaq
    Officer George Ishaq  3 years back

    it's almost like you're playing a video game, but you're not :D

    • Rubber Duck
      Rubber Duck  4 years back

      It's fantastic!!!! Can you make more that videos????!!!!

      • ToRebCoC
        ToRebCoC  4 years back

        Casino Royale - Good Movie but 0 Bond Feeling, did not like it personally
        Quantum - Biggest Shit Ever
        Skyfall - Very Good
        Spectre - Great

        • Rasmus Lynggaard Jørgensen

          video quality is very poor on the iPad

          • frank Alarcon
            frank Alarcon  4 years back

            out shit motherfuckewr____

            • frank Alarcon
              frank Alarcon  4 years back


              • Felix Leiter
                Felix Leiter  4 years back

                This is awesome

              • Doctor Who Home
                Doctor Who Home  4 years back

                What the hell this was weird!!

                • Alex McFly
                  Alex McFly  4 years back

                  I watched this over and over again, from every possible angle, love it!

                  • The00Game
                    The00Game  4 years back

                    OH!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!

                    • markolml
                      markolml  4 years back


                      • Jackson Espey
                        Jackson Espey  4 years back

                        Skyfall- Awesome
                        Casino Royale- Equally awesome
                        Quantum of solace- shit
                        Spectre- Really good

                        • marc t
                          marc t  2 years back

                          Spectre is a masterpiece for a simple reason it made the previous movies becomed together one sigle story , and there are NO mistakes in script as It was in all 3 preceding movies , ( the celebrate Skyfall itself have a lot ) only mistake is they did not used the original open titles soundtrack( Radiohead "Spectre" ) very much better bond's song than "writing "

                        • 4131ghost
                          4131ghost  4 years back

                          i guess you right about the opening scene but you can't denie that the plot was a mess,expecially that third act

                        • Jackson Espey
                          Jackson Espey  4 years back

                          +4131ghost are you fucking kidding me? In Quantum the editing was so choppy and the story was shit. At least in Spectre there was that awesome opening scene and beautiful score

                        • 4131ghost
                          4131ghost  4 years back

                          +mryepse spectre was the same fuck up as quantum of solace,actually was worst.

                        • For me it's the mcchicken
                          For me it's the mcchicken  4 years back

                          casino is by far the best

                      • Mr JBCars
                        Mr JBCars  4 years back

                        That moment when you look up and see its just a film set! 😆

                        • Don Draper
                          Don Draper  4 years back

                          DBS in the corner. Should've driven off with instead of the DB5. That way the OHMSS story can continue with a DBS.

                          • Tom
                            Tom  4 years back

                            +TheCommanderBond007 Not actually a DBS I'm afraid. The only cars in the workshop are a DB9 (black), DB5, V12 Vantage (pearl white) and the DB10.

                        • Louie Barnett
                          Louie Barnett  4 years back

                          Waste of time

                          • Dekeeke Iieieie
                            Dekeeke Iieieie  4 years back

                            Casino royale-great
                            Quantum of solace- good
                            Skyfall- shit
                            Spectre- great

                            • Little Glass Balla Fool
                              Little Glass Balla Fool  5 months back

                              nice taste...

                            • Save Liberty
                              Save Liberty  4 years back

                              +Mr Laurannetje I'll watch a Bond movie with +Mr Laurannetje not +Dekeeke Lieieie :)

                            • LauranM2K
                              LauranM2K  4 years back

                              Casino Royale - Great
                              Quantum of Solace - Shit
                              Skyfall - Great
                              Spectre - Good

                          • Dekeeke Iieieie
                            Dekeeke Iieieie  4 years back

                            I am the biggest james bond fan